Our Services

Our Services Include


  • Food Safety Partnership Program
  • Food Safety Training’s
  • GAP Analysis and Process Check-up

About Food Safety Partnership Program


In this program FoodSafe will become your food safety partner and will handle all the food safety related operations on your behalf for your food service/ Restaurant chain.

In Food Safety Partnership you will get following of our services,

  1. Customized Food Safety and Hygiene Training
  2. Development of Standard Operating Procedure
  3. Development of Food Safety Manual
  4. Internal audits and routine inspection by our Food Safety Managers


Benefits of Food Safety Partnership Program


  • Saves your business money in the long run
  • Good quality will generate more loyal customers
  • Avoids food poisoning of customers
  • Increase in Food safety standards
  • Ensures that you are compliant with the law
  • Organizes your process to produce safe food
  • Organizes your staff promoting teamwork and efficiency
  • Lead towards continual improvement
  • Food safety culture we prevail among the crew members
  • Cost Effectiveness due to very reasonable pricing structure


About Food Safety Training’s


We have designed multiple specialized courses for your food service chain and restaurants which fits according to your different needs and ensure maximum learning of your employees

Below are the courses FoodSafe is offering

  • International Food Safety Managers Course
  • Good Manufacturing Practices
    • Safe food Handler
    • Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Cleaning and Sanititation at Food service areas and restaurants
  • Purchasing, Receiving and Storage of Food
  • Safe Preparation of Food
  • Safe Facility and Pest Management


About GAP Analysis and Process Check-up


Gap analysis and Process Check-Up is a comprehensive approach to assessing food safety for a processor, manufacturer, food service operator, retailer or distributor. It is a program that has been developed to help companies identify and mitigate risks to food safety within their own facilities, as well as those adjunct vendors and suppliers within their supply chain.